Timothy Yap

Chief Photographer

Keen on photography as a teenager, Timothy never had the finances nor the opportunity to learn the arts. His interests however had never waned.

In 2008, his first opportunity came during his internship at Temasek Polytechnic. The company he worked for handed him a camera to cover event happenings, he began snapping away. Furthering his exposure in the field, he workied with commercial photographers during his time at a creative agency.

Finally having saved enough he acquired his own camera and began organizing his own photography journey. It started with street photography, followed by portraits, product photography etc. Working with other enthusiast, exchanging knowledge, experience and conducting own experiments. After a year of shooting and uploading his works on social media.

Enquiries came in to render his services, from then he embarked in his photography career from 2009 till date and never looked back.

Besides Photography, Timothy is an avid car enthusiast.

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