Case Study : Romance the World

Rendezvous by Far East Hospitality

A series of 15-30 second digital videos showcasing attractions and highlights around the Rendezvous Hotel locations, in turn promoting the hotels themselves


  • Client needed to showcase various attractions around the hotels while still linking it to Rendezvous Hotels in an organic manner, giving ample time to both the hotel and the locations despite the short runtime
  • Pre-production took us 2 weeks for client to lock in the locations and storyboard
3 scaled Rendezvous


By incorporating the use of creative on-camera transitions, creating quirky scenes without dialogue, and scouting unique locations, Graphiss was able to weave cohesive stories for each video within the chosen themes, as well as allowing them to exist as standalone clips or as part of the overall campaign


2 scaled Rendezvous
4 scaled Rendezvous

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