Case Study : SkillsFutureSG

SkillsFutureSG – Building a Culture of Lifelong Learning Begins Here

Lifelong learning with SkillsFuture begins at any stage of your life or career, this
video showcases a few individuals from all walks of life giving their shot or providing lifelong learning services.


Since we had quite a few areas to cover, there are some difficulties with scheduling and planning. Individuals are real-life personalities, so they have had little or no experience with being in front of cameras.
IMG 0128 SkillsFuture SG


Communication is key, so there were no problems with schedules after some back-and-forth responses. Recces were scheduled to be introduced to each individual and to get to know them more before the actual shoot day. We also did briefings and rehearsals with the people involved in the filming to make sure they are aware of everything that is happening and are comfortable with being in front of the cameras, all the while looking as natural as possible.  
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image4 SkillsFuture SG

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