What is livestreaming?

The beauty of livestreaming is that you can share your content across various social media and online platforms.

Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Zoom,
even your own dedicated website platform – anywhere you choose.

From event launches, workshops, virtual seminars, online classes, panel discussions, even a worldwide all-hands session – the possibilities are endless.

Livestream production can be daunting, especially when it comes to ensuring the video quality, timing and coordination is of the highest standard.

Having a trusted production partner skilled in the nuts and bolts of livestreaming

will take the hassle out of your hands,

leaving you to focus on what matters most – interacting with your audience.

Virtual events

Need a space to host your livestream event? Our cyclorama chroma greenscreen studio is here to the rescue. With cutting-edge technology and equipment, our team is there to create a seamless viewing experience, merging onsite talent with motion graphic backgrounds.

Regardless of the studio setting, our designers can transport the audience to anywhere in the world from a 3D boardroom, to a simple white background or even incorporating your branding in all aspects of the presentation.

Livestream on social
media platforms

Audiences demand live video, and it’s easy to see why. By livestreaming to channels like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and Linkedin Live, you’re creating eye-catching content that improves your positioning in your client’s news feed algorithms.

crew & studio
& equipment

Execution is Key, and your livestream should be treated no differently. Our crew of professionals know how to tell a story and share your content with anyone through the power of livestreaming. We have a full studio and an experienced team with the latest equipment to engage your audience with high-quality content.


Do you host the livestream event at a studio?

We have a studio available for rent should you require it for your event. A full greenscreen is also available for use. Our professional crew you with all the support you need and

What are the benefits of livestreaming?

Live video feeds have a way of putting a more personal touch to your content allowing instant interactivity. That is often the first step to brand loyalty. It can be streamed on multiple platforms and social media channels on a global scale.

How much does it cost to livestream at event?

Our expert team an help tailor the production to suit your budget or requirements. Feel free to reach out to us to find out more, or even book a visit to our studio.